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What about something like coconut oil, which is less greasy?It was found to improve skin dryness, though no better than mineral oil, which is cheaper. Exposure to mineral oil was found to be associated with rheumatoid arthritis, but that was occupational exposure to industrial mineral oils, like hydraulic fluid.Back to topical treatments: a vitamin B12 cream beat out the same cream without the B12.Most of the patients and doctors rated the results of the B12 cream as good; better than they rated the placebo cream.From this to that: before and after four weeks of topical coconut oil.Now, we know coconut oil has a lot of saturated fat; so, we don’t want to eat it.Now, that doesn’t mean you can inject it into your penis.“He…certainly achieved enlargement,” the medical student noted, “looking at the swollen, red, oozing mass before [her].” Okay, but what about treating eczema with just plain Vaseline? The average out-of-pocket cost can be 4 a month; that’s more than a third of a typical family’s disposable income.

Anyways, based on 77 studies of moisturizers for eczema, no reliable evidence that one moisturizer is any better than the other, though a consensus of experts concluded that petroleum jelly may be best for skin barrier function protection.But, just because it works as well as coconut oil for dry skin, doesn’t mean it works as well for eczema.Head-to-head, topical virgin coconut oil works better than topical mineral oil at decreasing eczema severity, with twice as many children experiencing an excellent response after two months’ treatment.The same group of researchers subsequently found that cosmetic-grade mineral oil did seem to carry the same risk.In general, topically applied mineral oil shouldn’t present any health risk.

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